Driveways in Cleveleys

A M Patio & Driveways Limited are a trusted local paving company operating throughout Cleveleys.


For patio surfacing, block paving is possibly the best option available.

Many people opt for wooden decking for their outdoor patio areas but decking has a number of drawbacks when when compared to block paving. Wood can rot with time, and it can be susceptible to mites and other insect infestations. With block paved patios in Blackpool, the only maintenance required is the little moss which may grow between the cracks, other than this a block paved patio is virtually maintenance free. Block paving is a good choice for those who want a low maintenance solution for their outdoor flooring.

Indian Sandstone and other paving products are also available.

Indian sandstone has the natural colours to blend, no two paving slabs are exactly the same.

About A M Patio & Driveways Limited

We are a family run company formed over 4 generations ago.  Since then, we have carried out hundreds of patio and driveway jobs throughout the region, and consequently have managed not only to survive, but also to thrive, forming a larger limited company operation in the process.

We explain all the procedure so you know what to expect.  We do not subcontract out, all work is carried out by our professional team.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


For pathways, block paving is an excellent choice.

Circular designs and swirl designs will normally be of limited availability for use with pathways, but the choice of colours is vast and you can still create something seriously distinctive. Whilst maintenance for block paved pathways is low you’ll find over time that moss and weeds will grow between the bricks. 

However, this can be dealt with in a matter of seconds. With paving stone pathways, you increase the chances of weeds and you also run the risk of them cracking if a lot of pressure is applied. Block paved pathways are a lot more durable and hard wearing and the smaller sized stone supplies a much better support structure. Because block paving sections are so small, you can create curved pathway designs without any difficulty so you can have them going through your garden, at the front of your home or you could even have them to connect your driveway to your home.